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The Elements of Brewing Perfection

  • Water
    • Fresh, good-tasting water is essential since it makes up more that 98 percent of a cup of coffee.
    • Mineral content can affect the taste. 
    • For best results, water should not exceed the following parts per million (ppm) of dissolved minerals:
      • Ideal: 50-100 ppm or 3 60 6 grains of hardness
      • Acceptable: Below 300 ppm pr 18 grains of hardness
    • Brewing perfect coffee starts with clean equipment.
    • Your brewer should be free from any contamination or odors that may affect the coffee
  • Temperature
    • The temperature of the water during brewing affects the flavor and extraction
      • Ideal water temperature: 195oF – 205oF (92oC – 96oC)
  • Time
    • The brewing time of the time water is in contact with the coffee grounds determines the amount of coffee material extracted – the major component affecting the flavor.
  • Turbulence
    • Turbulance is created as the water passes through and over the coffee.  It should cause the particles to separate and create a uniform flow of water around them for proper extraction.
  • Filtration
    • Paper filters produce the clearest cup of coffee.
    • Porous enough to allow free flow of the extracted coffee solubles.
    • Made from oxygen processed paper for best coffee flavor.
    • Strong enough to prevent collapsing.
  • Cleanliness
    • These areas should be clean and free from lime and hard water deposits:
      • Serving Area
      • Sprayhead / Funnel
      • Servers
      • Water Reservoir / Pitcher