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Convenient * Secure * Affordable - Peace of Mind - Regular and Purge Shredding Services

MOVING? ORGANIZING? --  A good time to purge your files

IT’S THE LAW — Many companies are required to shred personal and confidential information before it is discarded

SECURITY — Protect your company,

clients, patients and employees. It is the employers responsibility to protect personal information for both clients and employees once the records are no longer relevant or necessary to preserve.

  • 1. Avoid Identity Theft
  • 2. Security
  • 3. Cost Savings
  • 4. Privacy Laws
  • 5. Liability

How It Works:

  •  We deliver your secured and locked container
  •  We provide you with a signed Confidentiality  Agreement upon your initial service
  •  Choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or purge  scheduled pick-up*
  •  Signed Certificate of Destruction provided upon completion of shred service


Cart Size



Desk Console


30 lbs.

Executive Console


90 lbs.

64-Gallon Bin

29.5"L x 23.3"W x 40.2"H

160 lbs.

95-Gallon Bin

34.0"L x 26.5"W x 46.0"H

240 lbs.

Purge – Standard Bankers Box


40 lbs.


Desk Console

IPL Classic Cart
  • Compact attractive design fits perfectly under the desk
  • Dual paper slots
  • 11-gallon capacity
  • Fully secured hinges and double-lipped lid for security
  • High quality lock for security

Executive Console

  • Perfect for product and document paper storage in the office
  • Door mounted paper guard swings completely out of the way when removing the document bag
  • Spring-loaded locks for ultimate data security
  • A custom fit heavy duty bag
  • Sturdy hooks hold over 200lbs
Regal Ergo Cabinet

64-Gallon Bin and 95-Gallon Bin

IPL Classic Cart
  • The IPL Classic Cart is the heaviest-duty cart and the one most suited for the shredding industry.
  • integrated, reinforced plastic lift bar for integrity and dual mounted 5/16" wear ridge on the bottom to prevent wear through
  • 7/8” zinc-plated solid steel axle and 12” rubber extra-wide track wheels for durability and stability
  • Optimized pivot point and balance ratio make it easier and safes to move heavy loads while sleeker body dimensions allow the cart to navigate narrow openings.
  • Lid has a paper slot/deflector that is molded into the plastic for a finished look.
Cart Size Dimensions Weight
95-gallon 34.0"L x 26.5"W x 46.0"H Up to 160lb
64-gallon 29.5"L x 23.3"W c 40.2"H Up to 240lb



Purge shredding service offered for outdated and confidential files that are occupying valuable space in the office.  We come to your location and pick-up at your convenience.