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SmartWAVE® Wide Base Brewer

Low-Profile brewer featuring SmartWAVE® technology, simple operation and flexible server options

  •  Brews 62.4 (8 oz.) cups, (3.9 gallons) or (14.8 litres) of perfect coffee per hour.
  • SmartWAVE® technology increases turbulence in the brew funnel.
  • Gourmet funnel accommodates larger throw weights.
  • New flexible 17-hole sprayhead maximizes uniformity of extraction and provices easy cleaning and deliming.
  • Brew into 1.9L thermal carafe using the slide-out booster tray.
  • Adjustable legs to accommodate up to 2.5L lever action airpot and 1.9L thermal pitcher.
  • Airpots, carafes and thermal servers keep coffee hot and are easily transported.
  • Ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability.
  • SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.
  • Four-digit LED read-out for simple programming.
  • Ultilize the same LED read-out for brewer status (Ready, Heating, Brewing).
  • BrewMETER® and pulse brew routines to adjust flavor profile corresponding with the BrewMETER (1-14).