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Titan High Volume Coffee Machine Service South Florida.

Titan® Dual Brewer

High-volume brewing solution that features simple operation, precise extraction control and portable servers.

  • Brews up to 34.3 gallons of coffee per hour.
  • Coffee extraction controlled with pre-infusion and pulse brew, digital temperature control, and large sprayhead; coffee strength controlled with variable by-pass.
  • BrewMETER® allows automatic programming of pulse routine.
  • SplashGard® funnel and funnel locks help improve safety.
  • Funnel has 28 ounce (.8 kg) ground coffee capacity and paper filter retainers to eliminate fold-over.
  • Titan TF servers are insulated to keep coffee hot for hours..
  • Hot water faucet.
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.