Purified Water

Charm RO Filtration System

  • Ambient, cold and hot water
  • Safety lock for hot water
  • Water leak detection
  • Floor and Counter Top Models

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Super Iguassu Ice

  • Slim Design
  • Automatic Water Dispenser
  • Ambient, cold and hot water
  • Touch Sensor
  • Hot Water Locking Function
  • Ice Dispenser

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Convenience. Cleanliness. Cost.


  • Ultimate Business Services eliminates the hassle associated with water bottle systems
  • Workers Compensation Liability for employees that injure themselves due to the lifting and changing of 41lb / 5 gallon water bottles
  • No more cleaning spills when loading the water bottles onto the cooler
  • No more space issues when storing full and empty bottles
  • No need to keep track of charges, credits and deposits for bottles
  • Never worry about running out of water


Ultimate Water Treatment Process:
  1. Sediment Filtration - Removes rust, sand and particle matter
  2. Pre-Carbon Filtration - Removes industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents and chlorine
  3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane - Rejects giardia, virus, bacteria and cryptosporidium
  4. Post Carbon Filtration - Final polish to enhance taste and remove odors


  • No up-front costs or deposits
  • 20% - 75% savings over bottled water
  • Low monthly rental fee